Monday, January 26, 2009

Wine Opera: Part 12

The Good Daughter Arrives

At High Noon, the Good Daughter went to visit the Purple Cowboy.

She had love in her heart and was wearing a pink dress with Polka Dot.

Her plan was Risque. But she wanted to surprise the Purple Cowboy.

Her heart was full of Hope.

She wanted to give her heart and soul to the Purple Cowboy. And she no longer wanted to stay a Virgin.

But when she arrived at the Purple Cowboy’s house her hopes crashed. The Purple Cowboy was with The Other woman.

To be continued next Monday...


BLOGitse said...

oh, no!
can't wait what happens next!

mythopolis said...

Surely there is a good explanation for this...I hope the other woman wasn't one of her five best friends!

BLOGitse said...

scriber pls email me:

Nicole said...

Ouch :D

Jodi said...

Oh NO!! Purple Cowboy...say it isn't so!!!!

Hope you are having a great night my friend!!

Joe said...

I like The Other...Real sensual! LOL

Scriber's Web said...

Blogitse: What are we going to do when this ends? I promise it ends soon:) LOL.

Mytho: You men always have excuses. That's all I have to say to you.

Nicole: Yeah conflict... There is nothing without conflict.

Jodi: Have some faith in the Purple Cowboy:) Nothing is what it seems to be.

Joe: Ha ha. I won't tell Betty:)

Ballerina Girl said...

so he resists the Sisters and now there is ANOTHER Woman? AGH. Purple Cowboy you are in trouble!