Friday, July 17, 2009

Birthday Gal

Today is my birthday! Yeah! I get to be the queen for a day. Where is my tiara? Anyone knows?

So my plans today are thus. I go to work in the morning. My company is taking us out around noon to see the new Harry Potter movie. We are going to the Alamo Drafthouse (AD) theater in Austin. AD is a restaurant cum movie place and once you see a movie there, you will never want to go any place else.

So anyways. Lunch and movie and then we get to go home.

My guys asked me what I wanted to do in the evening for dinner. I told them that I was tired of eating out and wanted a simple home cooked meal. I gave them a menu that they could make and I share it with you:

Slow cooked pot roast in red wine
Paula Deen's mashed potatoes
Paula Deen's creamed corn
Paula Deen's homemade biscuits
Paula Deen's squash casserole
Paula Deen's pea salad
Paula Deen's gravy

Being nice that I am, I told them not to bother making a Paula Deen cake because I wanted to keep it simple.

I get to be a queen today... right?

PS: For those of you who don't know Paula Deen, she is a famous cook on TV and I recently had the pleasure of eating at her restaurant. So I think I am obsessed with her now. Or at least her food.

PPS: This photo was taken in the Georgia Aquarium in Atlanta. I have to say that it was the highlight of my trip.


Metalchick said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!! See you at harry potter.

Midwest Mommy said...

Happy Birthday!

mythopolis said...

Sounds like a fun day planned. Happy Birthday, your majesty! The home cooked meals sounds delicious...a Southern classic! It such a coincidence that your birthday is exactly the same as my un-birthday! What a small world!

Carol said...

Happy Birthday!

Rumor has it that, if you don't get any Paula Dean food you can at least enjoy a lovely cardboard cut-out of her. At least, I think it's lovely.


Postcards from Wildwood said...

All together now:
(rising arpeggio roll on piano)
Happy Birthday to You
Happy Birthday to You
happy Birthday, Dear Scriber
Happy Birthday to You!

I thought you were queen for the day on Mother's Day? Are there any more times of the year when you assume the mantle of royalty?

Hope you enjoy Harry Potter, the rest of the festivities and Paula Deen, of whom I have no knowledge. Do you have a tattoo yet?

Anonymous said...

if you're going to force your boys to cook Paula level food, shouldn't you at least spell her name right?

(it's with an 'a')

Anonymous said...

oh, and Happy Birthday

NicoleB said...

Oh, wishing you a very very happy birthday!
Hope you'll have a great day and dinner!
(And yes, I envy you for seeing the new Potter movie) :)

mythopolis said...

Anonymouse... (that's with an "e") Deen may be Dean, but remember Scriber's the off with your head.

Anonymous said... is your birthday...well..I didnt remember!!! NOT...

Happy Birthday

The Hubby

Jodi said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY MY FRIEND!!! I just made it!!! 15 mins to spare..actually and 1hr 15mins your time to spare!!! YAY!!!

I hope you had a terrific day!

I LOVE Paula Deen...did you go to Lady & Sons? Did you meet her? Did you see her cutie-pie sons? Her brother owns Uncle Bubba's.

mythopolis said...

I am curious how dinner turned out? And just think, only 364 days til your next birthday!

BLOGitse said...

(sorry I'm late!)
How was your day?

Scriber's Web said...

@ all:

Thank you all for your kind birthday wishes! You made my day special and made me feel sooo special!

Janice: Teach the guys in your life to treat you like a queen whenever the mood strikes! Also, I was hoping to get a new ring tone with a cat meowing happy birthday. Oh well. Maybe next year? :)Also, no tattoo yet. I got some henna but in 1 week I am tired of it already. So I guess no tattoo for me:)

Anon: You certainly did not get your brains from my side of the family.

Nicole: The movie was awesome! Loved it! I hope you get to see it soon.

Mythos: Thanks for defending me. I know the anon guy who made the smart aleck comment and trust me, I slapped him around a bit:)Also, the dinner was great! It was a lot of fun!

Jodi: Thanks my friend! I went to uncle bubba's also. Will post about it soon!

Blogitse: Thanks! I had a fabulous day/weekend!