Sunday, July 26, 2009


Top 10 reasons why we should all move to Pottsville

10. The mayor of the town is a super cool guy.

9. No blaring sirens. No unruly tourist.

8. Where bicycles fly off and land in your front yard.

7. The mayor of the town is also the gallery owner and the handy man. He'll reupholster your furniture and make cabinets for you. All for a meal.

6. Green friendly. Old tires are converted into flower planters. The mayor picks up the trash on roadside.

5. Where the fog embraces the river every day. Where watching nature is more entertaining than watching TV.

4. Where the dog is Life and life is a dawg.

3. Where the birds build nests in the most unusual places. And the mayor take care of them.

2. Where green stuff grows in abundance! Ahem. Need I say more?

1. It's Mythos' birthday. There is a party and we are all invited!

Happy birthday Dan! I wish you a wonderful year! Thank you for keeping us entertained!


Sumit said...

Happy B'day to Mr. Mayor! I shall gatecrash into the party. :D

NicoleB said...

Like I said, happy birthday :)
Too bad my broom is in dire need to get repaired ;)

Postcards from Wildwood said...

Sounds like a great place. Shall we all move there? I'm sure the Mayor would be most pleased...

BLOGitse said...

what a party that was! :)

Ballerina Girl said...

I am definitely moving there!!
Myth's birthday? Agh, I've missed a lot again!

Thanks for this!

mythopolis said...

Thanks everybody! Of course, you know, Pottsville is a mythical (fictional) place. I really live in Gary, Indiana in the middle of an industrial park by the railroad tracks. The weird thing is that Pottsville does show up on some maps, but when you go there, it turns out to be somewhere else. So don't try to come here, you will only get lost.. : )