Saturday, July 4, 2009

Happy B'day Hubby!

And a big happy July 4th weekend to all!

Yesterday I was a wild, wild, wild.

I went out with my hubby for drinks, food and dancing to celebrate my friend Alex's birthday. We met at a restaurant called 219 west. The food was great. The service was excellent. We had some drinks and food. I was not driving and I was safe with my hubby to take care of me so I could drink as much as I wanted to. So naturally I was quite the party animal.

And then the best part came later.... I went dancing!!! I went dancing!!!

I convinced my friend Alex to convince my hubby to go dancing later. My hubby does not like dancing at all. I would say that the last time we went, it was 1999. When I convinced someone else to convince my hubby to go to a night club.

While we were at 219 west, I kept asking Alex... Let's go dancing now!!! And she kept telling me, "Seriously? But it is not even 10 PM yet!"

Apparently nothing starts until 11 PM. And my bedtime is 9:30. Groan.

So anyways, we went to this club called Qua. It is very beautiful. They have a dance floor that is made of hard glass and underneath is an aquarium. And there are sharks in the aquarium. So essentially you are dancing on top of an aquarium. It is way, way cool.

Unfortunately the music sucked. They played very very un-danceable songs. But that did not stop me. I danced and danced away.

It was so nice to just dance without strange men approaching me. I had fun!

At one point, I went to the DJ and asked him to put some Michael Jackson songs and he said, "maybe in 30 minutes." How rude! The DJ there simply sucks.

So off I go to pack up for my trip tomorrow. Meanwhile, you guys be good.

And dance, dance, dance!


Sumit said...

Happy B'day! Happy B'day!! :)

And have a nice trip...

Ram Venkatararam said...

It sounds like quite the night on the town!

mythopolis said...

So, it was two birthdays? Hubby's and Alex's? HAPPY BIRTHDAY! I called the club where you were and asked how much for the tapes off their surveillance cams. We settled on a price. I am going to put you dancing, on You Tube Scriber! Have a great vacation! Dan

Nan Patience said...

Hope you wore your red devil shoes!

NicoleB said...

Oh and no pics for us of that show.
Alex needs a blog :D!

And belated happy birthday to your hubby and Alex!
How come you didn't celebrate his birthday too?