Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Henna Patterns

More henna patterns. To answer some questions I've been getting...

The henna paste takes about an hour or so to dry. After that, it starts peeling off. Once the henna is completely dry, you can even rub your hands to shake off the excess.

The color darkens overnight. But you can't get your hands wet. Some people apply sugar syrup or lime juice to their hands. I don't because I can't sleep with sugary, lemony hands.

Everyone has a different reaction to the henna. Some people get very dark colors and some don't. There are all kinds of stories about the significance of this.

Positive people:

If the color is light, it means that you will love your husband with all your heart.
If the color is very dark, that means your husband loves you very much.

Negative people:

If the color is light, you are very cold hearted person.
If the color is dark, you are over emotional and dramatic.

Henna lasts for about 2 weeks and then starts to fade away. It takes about a week for it to completely fade away.

On a side note, the pesky, annoying "Anonymous" commenter has been banished from this website. He can visit but only post a comment if he signs in. I had to threaten him with public humiliation on facebook, doing something scandalous that would ruin his future political career, and the best thing that works, "no more college money for you."



mythopolis said...

cool! Do only the women do the henna thing? What exactly is henna? Does it come from hens? Like egg tempera?

BLOGitse said...

I just love those henna patterns!
So, somebody has been a bad boy on your blog?!

NicoleB said...

Those patterns are amazing. One day I'll have it applied too. Love it!
And thanks for the explanation, that makes things clear now.

Grin,no college money, no food, no shelter ;)
Bad boy!
Plus, all next girl friends will be told the worst childhood stories at the first meeting :P

Ballerina Girl said...

what beauty!
I like your positive/negative outlook from others...too funny!


Postcards from Wildwood said...

Oh don't be so hard on Anon. I want him to be happy when we have his wedding day. (BTW can I help with arrangements too?)
What happens when YOU have henna? Lighter / darker? And why are some so intricate and others more minimalist? is it because 'some people' can't sit as long as others while it's being applied? This is a whole new world!