Thursday, July 23, 2009

Sucker for Paula Deen

At Paula Deen's shop.

The other day, my friend Carol and I were looking at all my Savannah photos. When we saw this one, both of us looked at each other and burst out laughing.

It is just so odd. Maybe Carol will comment about it. There are all the Paula magazines that say, Paula! Paula! Paula! Paula! Her face is on every magazine. With almost the same expression.

Then there is this kid in overalls with a lollipop/sucker sitting on the magazines. He has freckles and a goofy smile. And he is saying, "Hey Y'ALL!"

The other kid is plumpish wearing very unfashionable clothes and has a little toy in his hand. And he says, "Hey Y'ALL!"

In between them is a big fat chicken. Which was probably cooked right after getting its portrait done. Probably with a recipe from one of the Paula magazines.

How odd. Surreal.

I took this photo for Janice who wonders why I never say y'all even though I am from Texas. Just like I took the photo of the mannequins I posted yesterday for Carol. These aren't things I would typically photograph but somehow my eye caught these and I took the photos. Somehow, somewhere, I was influenced by them.

What are your reactions to this photo? Am I way off? Is it bizarre to you or just normal? I would love to know!

PS: Thanks Janice for sending me a photo of your tits:)


NicoleB said...

I think both kids are pretty chubby. Maybe that comes from the recipes too, I would watch out ;)
And the whole thing is just plain weird ;)
But hey, I'm excused, I'm European. I do not have to understand these things :D
(But trust me, we have those kind of people in Europe too... I just am not a fan of them :D)

(WV: yacrepi "y'all creepy" - yeah, exactly ;) )

Postcards from Wildwood said...

Well hey y'all, thank you kindly for thinking of li'l ol me when you were visitin' with Paula. And I'm pleased to have been of service, ma'am with the other matter. I'd 'preciate it if y'all could talk prawper more often, just so's I know where y'all are coming from.

As for the kids (I'm English now - but did I have you fooled for a minute back there....NOT?!!) I suppose they're trying to put across a 'wholesome' lifestyle but I don't think it worked. Yesterday's mannequins: fine; these kids: creepy!

mythopolis said...

Yes...more creepy kids! And these are two dimensional at that! Do you suppose these kids, like the chicken, were also fried for dinner? Does Paula have a recipe for "Cabrito Bambino" ( roast kid )? Or a "Hey ya'll Stew"?

Do you know why the cannibals didn't boil the missionary? (Because he was a 'friar'!!!)

Carol said...

I think Mythos is onto something here. I think Paula loves kids-she loves them once they plump in her oven, that is.

How else would you explain that she is fattening them up? And why do they have a headless mother?

It's a very creepy place. If you visit again, be sure to pack lots of sunscreen.

Jodi said...

I adore Paula Deen so it is normal to me. She is just too darn cute!