Tuesday, April 7, 2009


I went to work yesterday wearing summer clothes. After all, last week the highs had been in 70s and even reached the 80s. Well... it was cold and I froze my b*** off. It was cold and windy.

So last couple of weeks have been full of obstacles for me. Nothing major. Just everything simple gets overly complicated and just doesn't work. Simple things like printing, which I have always taken for granted, just can't be done. The printer won't print. I've spent numerous hours trying to fix it. There is an international team of helpers. Did you try this? Did you try that? Everyone is trying to help but I simply cannot print.

That's just one example of the obstacles I've run into. Nothing is simple.

Yesterday I went for lunch with my friend Carol. We were going to make a quick stop at a book store and then go have lunch. It took us forever at the book store and then when we went for lunch, it took forever for the food to come. We had fun catching up but ultimately had to ask for to go boxes as soon as the food came.

Sorry to my bloggy friends for not visiting and posting comments. I will catch up soon:)

I am hoping for a warm, calm and uneventful day today. And may my veggie plants survive this cold weather.

And may my friends overcome all the obstacles they may face today.


NicoleB said...

OhOh, I know all about printers and obstacles.
Hungary is full of both of them.
Printers never work, you never get cartridges, they print crooked or whatnot.
And peoploe, like the ones to fix your internet never call nor come.
Beautiful. Just great.

So I just keep hobbling along, bake a cake to load some sites and just give up on others for the time being ;)

The weather is great, so at leastwe have that.
Hope your coldfront is gone soon and please, just don't send it down here. Thanks ;)

BLOGitse said...

oh Scriber, i'm sorry about the weather, about stupid printers, stupid situations..stupid this and that - BUT
after that period you'll get BETTER period...sun's shining & you feel full of energy with you red nailpolished toes! :)

Valerie said...

I think yesterday was just one of those days, fraught with obstacles. Nearly everyone I encountered (including myself) had issues with seemingly simple things. Let's hope today is a little smoother for everyone!

Steph said...

Yesterday was full of annoying things. :( (including the cold!)

Speaking of printers... I saw an ad yesterday that said STAPLES was giving $50 credit for recycling printers..hmmm. :)

I hope this day is better for you!

mythopolis said...

Hmmm...the innate orneryness of inanimate objects! Same weather here, warm and sunny Spring-like...then suddenly cold, gray, and damp!

Word verification: "joble" ....something you do at work, I suppose....like wiggling your ears while the boss is talking to you, or wrinkling your nose, or yawning repeatedly. : )

Coffee Slut said...

39 and rainy here today ....where is spring?!
Hope it warms up for you soon! Have a wonderful week!