Wednesday, April 1, 2009


Wordless Wednesday


mythopolis said...

And there is no gluing it back together either... : )

NicoleB said...

Dan and his funky ideas ;0

This one is a bit too straight and orderly for me, but I love the colours!

You have some wonderful ideas!

I am lacking the patience for shots like this :D

Ballerina Girl said...

pretty.. I like the red against the background

Midwest Mommy said...

on purpose?

Jodi said...

I think that picture is awesome...I love the title of it.

I feel like that sometimes!

BTW, thank you SO much for calling me. I'm sorry I missed your call. With Larry's change in hours we only have a few hours on the weekend together and we were out and I left the phone home...I always have it glued to me and I have to stop doing that. Baby steps for Jodi. Nonetheless, I'm sorry that I missed your call and thank you for thinking of me!!! ♥

Sauron said...


BLOGitse said...

want comments about the image? i agree with Nicole, too 'made up'..but colors & background great!

Jesus Ramirez Jr. said...

very nice indeed!

Scriber's Web said...

Mythos: I bet you could glue it back:)

Nicole: I am just playing around. Some work and some don't. But I love the color of this flower:)

BG: I love the red color. I want to see your flowers. I know that you are a hundred times better than me. Just post the photos:)

MM: It was an accident but I decided to shoot anyways. I like imperfections.

Jodi: Hugs my friend! Hope you are doing ok. Sorry to call you at a bad time! I am thinking about you and sending many positive thoughts your way:)

Sauron: Get back to studying for those exams:)

Blogitse: Thanks!

Jesus: Thank you for visiting my blog and commenting. I am so so so excited to hear from you. Not that I know who you are. Who could you be? Hmm... For some reason I am thinking of mango pickle and idlis. And safe travels:)

Sauron said...

Scriber... exams over! Yay!! :D