Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Zucchini Sprouts

The zucchini seeds are sprouting! So far, so good. I haven't killed a single plant yet. I think the fact that I am sharing my gardening adventures with you guys, makes me work harder. I do not want to disappoint anyone. We'll see how long that lasts.

There is a lot going on in Austin today.

There is the tea protest going on. It would be a great photo opportunity.

And then I have tickets to a show called Dick Monologues. A friend of mine is a performer and I've always wanted to see the show.

So we'll see where I end up. And I'll keep you posted.


Sauron said...

Nice pic... and I wish your plants a healthy and 'fulfilling' life... :P

P.S. Hope you have fun at the tea party... :)

mythopolis said...

Mighty handsome sprouts ya got there, Ma'am! : )

NicoleB said...

Yeah for success :D
You'll make it - just don't forget the water and bigger pots in a short while ;)

Hope you have fun today!

Monica said...

Haha the snow finally all the way melted here :)

Mr London Street said...

Lovely picture, and for that matter excellent blog.

Scriber's Web said...

Sauron: Who won? I'll go check your blog in a minute.

Mythos: Aren't they the best and cutest you've even seen?

Nicole: I was just going to plant them in my garden. No?

Monica: Good to "see" you again. Stay warm!

Mr. London Street: Thanks for visiting my blog and commenting! I really appreciate your compliment!

NicoleB said...

I think you can.
I usually have better results when I put them first in bigger pots and then in the yard.
All depends on your earth and whatnot, I guess.
Ours here contains a lot of clay, hence dries up pretty fast. I think to take that the plants either have to grow in there right away or be more resilient (bigger).