Saturday, April 4, 2009


Gardening, yard work, planting. Same thing. That's what I am planning to do today. It is going to be a warm day here. So off I go. I'll try to take some before and after pictures.

Before: Healthy, lovely plants.
After: Dried up and dead.

But I'll keep trying.

I knew this one guy who set up his web cam near his vegetable garden. I went to his office one day and he was watching a live feed. Of tomato plants. He told me that he loved watching his tomatoes grow. I didn't really know if he as kidding or serious. So I asked him a couple of questions like how did he do that? Could he actually see anything growing?

At that point, he went into a 20 minute explanation about web cams, tomatoes, etc. He even offered to help me set one up. He told me that it was the most relaxing thing to do. I told him that if I had a web cam, all I would see is my tomato plants dying. He got even more excited and lectured me about how important it was to watch my tomatoes grow. And how important it was for me to get a web cam....Blah, blah. Gotto love engineers. Oh well.

On another note, I waited for Ram to show up but he never did. Instead there were throngs of people waiting for him in my back yard. I never knew how popular Ram was. What surprised me more was that at least someone read about this on my blog. Who reads it anyways?

So Ram if you are reading this, the food is gone. I will no longer be leaving food on the porch for you. And oh ... Katie Couric keeps calling me. She wants to get in touch with you.

That's all I have to say about Ram.


mythopolis said...

What fun! I am so eager to put some plants out, and it is 70 degrees here today. However, predictions call for freezing rain maybe turning to snow for day after tomorrow. A local farmer said watch the azaleas...about a week after they are in full bloom...that's the time to plant! Well they have begun to maybe next week it will be time!

word verification "pranshu" response: "you're shmelkim. "

NicoleB said...

Maybe he's already in Mexico ;)

Can't wait to see the results and eeekkk, Tomato Geeks :D

WV: tzizined

Eeeewwwwwww :)

Betty said...

Looks like you've been busy. I need to get started. I think I'm going to start with a couple of container plants. See if I don't kill them off. lol!

BLOGitse said...

i have great blogger friends: you all are grazy about seeds, soil & sun! good! i don't have to! thanks! :) (except sun = soon i start morning swims!)

Sauron said...

I think if I installed a web cam in my room, and watched live feeds, I'd spy a few spiders scurrying around and industriously spinning webs.. :|

Jodi said...

Maybe you & Ram can have a secret ringtone or something. LOL

Have fun planting today! My hubby & I are off to meet my best friend for an early dinner in a little while before he has to go to work. Ugh, the story of my life.

Enjoy this beautiful weather my friend. Good luck with the planting. I don't have a green thumb I have an apartment. LOL!

Where is Darran? said...

I am really liking your pictures lately