Thursday, April 16, 2009

Picnic Lunch

Yesterday for lunch, a coworker friend and I walked to a deli close by, picked up some food and walked to this spot. Then we spread a blanket and had a nice picnic lunch. It was a gorgeous day.

We talked and talked. We talked about all kinds of stuff. But mostly techie stuff. Blogs, websites, twitter, facebook, tiny url, Content Management Systems etc... etc... We shared ideas and gave each other cool tips. And did what most girl friends do. Gave each other moral support and encouragement.

What baffles me is this. Why is it that my girl friends don't see in them what I see in them? Why don't women recognize their own potential? To be honest, I am the worst example of this. If someone says nice photo, I brush them off. They were just being nice to me. Or even polite. I actually gave up photography for years because I felt that I just wasn't good enough.

Sometimes I don't care. If Mythos looks at my beautiful Sand and Foam photo and comments, "was that halocegenic oatmeal?" I just laugh and send him a nasty email. "Get some new glasses will you?" And then I laugh some more.

And that was my 300th post. Yeah!


Anonymous said...

I wonder if your girl friends don't pick up on it because they significantly see the potential in other forms of communication and media but don't realize the breadth of information out there that is twitter, RSS feeds, and blogs. I personally get overwhelmed with so much information. It can be seen as daunting. And a lot of the content is specious at best... opinion at worst. So a deregulated media outlet should have some caveats. It doesn't mean that there aren't a lot of great information sources out there but at the same time, people have a responsibility to govern themselves.
Of course I love some of the blogs that are listed on my blog roll, specifically some of the mommy-related ones even though I have no interest in going down that path. :) Just my $0.02

Anonymous said...

And of course I totally misread your post. and commented about some other things in a similar different tangent. Back to the topic, for me, it's because I'm designed to please other people and it's so much easier to accept the negative about me than the positive. Just me.

Sorry for the other comment :)

NicoleB said...

Girls, women, they are like that.
I couldn't take compliments (and still don't) for years.
I take hubby's now sort of...but that's it ;)
My best friend needs to be kicked to accept that she's not an ugly duckling and has brains to top it.
It's beyond me why many of us are like that ;)

Congrats on post nr 300 and yeah for picnics outside with friends :D

Carol said...

I took up photography because I always wanted to be an artist but I could not draw. Now, that I'm a photographer (and artist) I realize I should have just taken drawing lessons to start. Oddly enough, years of doing photography have taught me how to draw and I can almost do it now.

We all live in our own prisons, we all make our own obstacles. Sometimes, it's men putting us down or "controlling" the environment, sometimes it's just our own minds that limit us. One thing I've learned though is that everybody has obstacles to overcome one way or another. The sooner you get over those, the sooner you can get on with your life.

As far as why we don't give each other more encouragement, I think it's a bit harder than it looks to generate creative content day in and day out. If it were easy, we'd all be doing it and, at times anyway, it seems like we are, but we really aren't. How many original bloggers or photographers do you really know about out there vs. how much of it is recycled or copied? The original stuff is hard to find, and it's sometimes hard to sift through all of the recycled stuff to get to it. That doesn't mean it's not out there, there's not somebody doing it, somebody making it, somebody creating. I think the trick is to find those people and share a connection with them because that's where the true innovation for the medium is going to come from, not what anybody's preconceived ideals are-that's just idol nonsensical chatter. Everybody wants to *be* an original blogger, a great photographer, etc. but there are only a few who *are* and who do it day over day. The rest are just sort of faking it or trying as best they can but not creating-that can only come from inside, from one's heart or imagination, and that cannot be faked. That's like a burning desire that will come out in one way or another, almost like how circumstance can carve or shape destiny but cannot really stop it.

Happy 300th post. You make original content, you enjoy original content, and it becomes its own reward. Over time, may you grow to appreciate all that you have created.

mythopolis said...

Woe is me, that your 300th post (grats!!) would draw such a dismal focus on me. I am sorry I mistook your photo for oatmeal,,,,I was so hungry, having dropped acid an hour earlier.

On the other issue of women and empowerment, first of all, while women's lib is so old hat in a way, it is still just a blink in the eye of time, given several 1000 years of patriarchal culture...and religion. I don't excuse the slowness of change. There are lots of things I would like to see in my lifetime, but know I won't. World peace, for starters. It is a pretty damn complicated issue you have brought up. We all just have this short life. So what do you want to do between now and the time you die? I don't ask this question of women, in particular, but of anyone. I feel sad for those who don't have the freedom to answer the question.

Scriber's Web said...

txaggiechick: Actually I agree with most of what you said in the first comment. I think a ton of women are too hard on themselves. Including me. Not sure why.

Nicole: Isn't that strange? I don't think that I've ever met a man who said "I am stupid and ugly". I wonder why.

Carol: I think girl friends do encourage each other. But we just don't listen to them. And think the other person is just being nice. You are right about original content. I like that. Yeah for the 300th post! Thank you for introducing me to the bloggie world!

Mythos: Go eat some oatmeal... Seriously. And get your eye's checked.

mythopolis said...

I urm verly sury...camt sea too whale nowr...I urm vizally empeared...I due luv weormen thou, dey hol upf have theug skie! Aye wursh theigh culd hol upf morh sins, Irm, gething vary tyred holin upf duh udder have...god a oartmil is burling ofver!

BLOGitse said...

"1. I think girl friends do encourage each other.
2. But we just don't listen to them.
3.And think the other person is just being nice."

1. yes we do but how? being honest and open? Do we like it if our best friends would suddenly be 'better than me'?

2. yes we do. But it's hard because I know that I'm not THAT good in this or that. And it's me who knows!

3. often. Depends of the quality of the friendship. If it's pure, honest and open you don't have to be nice or polite just for sake of being nice or polite (as you do with people who are not that close - you don't want to hurt them = you don't want to hurt yourself = you want be liked)

Lots of our behaving is very selfish, even politeness.
'oh I will not say anything, she would get angry with me...' So not saying because she herself doesn't want to be left 'out'...

I do hope you understand what I'm trying to say... not my morning in English...sorry! (and please don't say my English is perfect!!! hahah what you can say, did you understand?!)

Have a great day! :)