Sunday, December 7, 2008

Christmas Gift Suggestion 1

Don't know what to gift someone who has everything? Well I have a suggestion for you.

A Belly Button Flower! It glows, it shines, and it is absolutely free! I mean you can buy it with redemption points of course.

I got this at Dave and Busters. It is one of those restaurants where they have video games etc. I was lucky enough to go there for a company meeting. We meet, eat and then play games. So I cashed in my gift card and played one of those slot machines. Essentially I was just sitting around, chatting with a friend and dropping coins into the machine. And guess what? I got all these tickets/points!

So I cashed them in for this cute little thingy. It even comes with stickers so you can easily stick it into your belly button. And batteries. Yep. They last very long.

Check this out. That's the back of the package. See how happy that lady looks with the button? Look at her go go go!

Maybe you should get one for yourself and another one for the pesky, hard to gift relatives.

You could show up to a family Christmas party with one of these. Wouldn't that be a blast? I mean come on. It is your duty to shake things up a little bit to make it lively. Why not show up with a glowing belly button thingy?

And I insist that you strike a pose like the woman in the picture. How often do we pose like that? Not enough.

So here is my homework assignment to you all:

  • Get the belly button thingy
  • Wear it to a Christmas party
  • Strike a pose
Oh and one more thing.

Do not swallow the belly button thingy!!!


mythopolis said...

Fantastic idea! I only have three problems with it...#1, you are not supposed to swallow it....Doh!!! And #2, Nowhere in the instructions does it tell you how often you have to water it! And #3, Does it attract bees? : - D

Ballerina Girl said...

you are too funny!
Now I can ask my kids after they are done playing to gift it to me ;)

Scriber's Web said...

M: Trust me. When you see it, all the three problems will disappear. You'll be thinking, "how can I get one of these and how long can I boogie until it falls off. Damn. The batteries only last 24 hours? I better act fast!:)"

BG: I thought it was hilarious! A must have accessory for Christmas parties wardrobe.

Nicole said...

Yeah, I guess the don't swallow part is very important.
Uh, shiny,....haps, yummy......

mythopolis said...

Ha ha...I can just see it now...all the lights off...the music up loud...just a bunch of wiggling, glowing belly buttons...I know it sounds hedonistic of me to speak this way, but really, it could be quite therapeutic, even contemplate the navel in this post-modern manner. : - D

Midwest Mommy said...

Do we get to see a pic of you wearing this thing? That would be fabulous :-)

Jodi said...

You are hysterical my friend.

Or people can gift them to the belly dancers in their life. This can bring a whole new dimensiom to their belly dancing. It is all about the presentation. LOL

I hope you are feeling better! ♥ Try and have a great day tomorrow. Hopefull you cold will be all gone by then.

BLOGitse said...

That's a great idea!
I'll tell you when belly dancers have started a new fashion here! :-)