Monday, December 15, 2008

Wine Opera: Part 6

The Good Daughter was in a pensive mood. She liked Sweet Walter. And Justin. But the one who made her heart beat was the Purple Cowboy. He made her Spellbound.

She wanted to get married and live in a Big House Red.

With a white Picket Fence.

So her goats could run freely. Because Goats do Roam.

But it was an Irony.

The Purple Cowboy and the man who made her heart beat did not love goats.

And he lived in a Big House Pink.


mythopolis said...

Well, I don't think its hopeless...cowboys often have goats, its just that they don't "love" them, and obviously, if he is a purple cowboy living in a pink house, he is one unusual dude...and pink is close to red, so the good daughter should take heart. Thank you for writing "Dear Abby" I hope this advice helps your "friend".

BLOGitse said...

oooh, nice, nice...

"see you next year" - I leave tomorrow night!

Happy holidays!

Jodi said...

I'd say give up Big House Red and go for Big House Pink...

Purple Cowboy rocks!!

Happy Monday my friend!! Have a wonderful day.

NicoleB said...

Well, you can paint any house red....and the garden seems big enough ;0

Carol said...

What? They are all in prison?

I missed that part.

Scriber's Web said...

First of all... my apologies to everyone.

I've been so bad about replying to the comments!

But to me, it is a higher priority to read your blogs and comment there.

Things are so crazy right now with the holidays!

I'll catch up with you soon.

Mytho: Does that have a double meaning? Ha ha.... Don't tell me... You need to do a do a dear abby... want me to post a question to you? LOL.

Blogitse: Have fun in Australia. And remember that your first priority is to find some cool wine pictures for me. Be safe!

Jodi: No, no no... this is the dilemma part. She loves him but has to make sacrifices... This is a soap opera. But it will end soon my friend:) Few months, few years... Argh that would be too long!

Nicole: This is a wine soap opera. Even soap operas are more logical than this. Give in to it... Feel the love! Or whatever... I will admit that it is some of the most silliest stuff I wrote:)

Carol: Just hang on to the seat of your pants. Or so I'd like you to think:)What prison are you talking about?

So Carol, my computer got the trojan horse. WTF?

Will bring in my laptop tomorrow to work. Good to work in the tech industry. Someone will tell me, install this and do that.

Have computer virus. It sucks!

Betty said...

Hey how is the Big Red House? Is it a good wine? Have seen it and the label keeps calling out to me, but haven't tried it yet.

Scriber's Web said...

Hey Betty, Thanks for dropping by.

Actually I haven't tried the wine. It is possible for me to drink all the wines I write about but I'd be broke and in hospital:)

The men in my life love Joe's review. I wasn't sure how to contact you:)