Friday, December 26, 2008

Xmas Status

I survived Xmas 2008! Yeah!

Here is some random stuff:
  • Hosted 2 parties. One on 24th which is when we have the Christmas dinner and another on 25th. 24th dinner was going to be just the four of us but then I found out that the hubby had invited folks. So I scrambled and got everything ready. Which is no big deal because everyone chips in to do the cooking and cleaning. Then there was miscommunication so we had guests on 25th. So that was an informal party where we just warmed up leftovers, ate and then played Wii. Both parties were a lot of fun. It was really good hanging out with friends.
  • Santa got a little confused this year and gave me... oye I am even embarrassed to say this... he gave me a.... mustache trimmer. I think he intended to give it to my hubby but ended up writing my name on the present. Thank you Santa but I do not have a mustache. But thanks for the massager that I can hook up to my computer. I'll certainly use it.
  • Son1 and I woke up early in the morning on 24th and did a whole bunch of cooking and cleaning. Son2 made rare appearances in the kitchen, gave us hugs and went back to play his Xbox. At one point Son1 and I decided to take a break so we sat on the couch and watched TV. Son2 decided to sweep the floor at the exact same time. So my husband comes home after running errands and sees me sitting on the couch with Son1 and Son2 sweeping the floor. So he said, "Come on guys! poor Son2 is doing all the work. Help him out!" Oye.
  • Son2 helped me wrap presents. He also made the most delicious macaroni and cheese dish.
  • Son1 made a delicious cheesecake. Yummy!
  • I love Judge Judy. Love, love, love her! Good thing I have to work outside home or I would watch her show all day long. She kicks butt. No one is as good as her.
  • The photo you see is a sculpture called Music in the wind by Lapaso.
OK. Off I go. I hope you have a wonderful holiday with your loved ones.

PS: Santa, I really don't have a mustache.


nicole said...

I would have loved to see your face when you unpacked that package ;)
I think you need to show us proof that you don't have a mustache :P

And your sons sound like some awesome guys :)!

Great you had a good time at the Parties!

mythopolis said...

I liked the sculpture/photo! I guess I am was behind the times, did you say you got a "Massager" that hooks up to your computer? I haven't the slightest idea what that is.

Jodi said...

Don't worry, we know you don't have a mustache...but hearing the story is very funny!

It sounds like you had a wonderful 2 days!! I'm SO glad.

Enjoy your time off & hopefully some good leftovers!

Have a great day my friend! :)

Betty said...

Happy to hear you had a great time. It's so nice everyone chips in and helps out, that makes it so much better doesn't it? Oh goodness I can't believe Santa got you a mustache trimmer, silly Santa. lol!

Scriber's Web said...

Nicole: It was hilarious. I just burst out laughing. Specially since I was the Santa's helper and I goofed up:)

Mytho: Yeah I love the sculpture. I'll post a photo of the massager soon.

Jodi: Ha ha... It was simply hilarious. Considering I had wrapped up the santa presents and I messed up:)

Betty: Yes it is fun when everyone chips in. We had a great time. Did Joe buy you the Encyclopedia wine?