Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Rough Day

Yesterday I had a rough day. Not the real kind of a rough day where folks feel very very sympathetic towards me. Maybe they'll find it funny. But it was rough for me.

So here is what happened:

  • Tossed and turned all night so got up really late. For me it is 7:00 AM. Then I rushed out to work.
  • Tried to apply makeup during the drive but my lipstick literally broke. I was lipstick-less all day. And the lip gloss was nowhere to be found.
  • Ran into a ton of traffic. What takes me 30 minutes, took me an hour and a half.
  • Called my Mom up on the phone and right when she was going to tell me some really juicy stuff, her phone batteries died. So the suspense almost killed me.
  • There was some kind of motivational conference in Austin. So the traffic was horrendous. They should have stayed off the road I take but they didn't. Il Bastardo!
  • Someone I know planned on attending the "motivational" meeting. But when she heard that over 12K people showed up for it, she said that it was motivational enough for her not to go. Why did this irk me? Because it made me laugh. And I did not want to laugh!
  • I had a spat with my friend Carol. I was complaining/whining about how I only get about 20 hits a day on my blog. I can swear that at least 15 hits are from me! And did she care? Was she sympathetic to me? Did she feel my pain? Oh no. She smiled and said, "that's ok. Keep blogging. It could be worse. You could get no hits at all."
Ouch! Woe is me!

So Carol, are we on for lunch today?


Jodi said...

Awww my poor friend. It seems like Murphy's Law got you yesterday! I'm sorry! But you know what - today is a new day! You can use a new tube of lipstick and you will be motivational seminar free! Hopefully you will have run into NO traffic. (Traffic is the story of my life so I completely sympathize with you on that one). I cannot however feel your pain about lipstick because I don't wear it. BUT, I do understand your frustration because that would have gotten me mad too. Plus I imagine it must have caused a mess.

Don't worry about your blog hits. They will come around I'm sure. I think the number of blogs you visit and comment on, people will reciprocate.

I wish you a much better day today my friend! Hopefully your Mom charged her battery, you won't have any makeup mishaps and there will be an clear path on the way to your job! Keep smiling and keep laughing!!! Hugs

Ballerina Girl said...

Wow, what a day!
I feel your pain with the comments on my blog...I see these people that get 30, 40, even more hits...and I think, what the heck am I not doing? Is my life really that boring? hhhmmm...maybe a post all in of itself!
Well, at least we have our steady hitters!
Hope today is a better day!

mythopolis said...

Glad you lived through those calamities...but please, please tell me that you weren't trying to put on lipstick, and talk on the phone at the same heavy traffic... : )

Scriber's Web said...

Jodi: It wasn't that bad. It's a good day when all I am miffed about is traffic and other mundane things:)

BG: I posted another comment on your blog.

Mythopolis: Of course I was. You got a problem with that? I am great at multi-tasking. LOL.

Lisa Paul said...

Make Carol TAKE you to lunch. There is no excuse for a lack of blog sympathy.

By the way, thanks for a new phrase El Bastardo. I'm going to use it at least 5 times today.

And that's my comment for the day from the December NaBloPoMo group!

Midwest Mommy said...

lol, what a day! I have been doing this for a year and a half. I posted a link to a post I did last year. If you look back I had 2 comments. If you keep writing posts and commenting on new blogs all the time they will come.

Midwest Mommy said...

Oh and join the sits club...I blogged about it yesterday

Nicole said...

I hear you on the tossing & turning part.
Thank goodness I have nowhere to go ;)

Uh, juicy stuff :)

And Carol is right, just keep blogging :)
And commenting.
And finding new people :)

But most of all - keep having fun.

I know, sometimes it feels like talking to yourself ;)

My Stats told me yesterday that I had over 3000 clicks by people using RSS feeds.
And Santa Claus really comes next week to visit me ;)

I just read the Multi tasking reply....sure, I can see you were, what about that part that had "broke" in it?

Carol said...

Blogging is so weird. Some days you are the pigeon and some days the statue. Just when I think nobody is reading, I get a letter from a celebrity or an email from a soldier overseas who says, "I really love what you do."

It's kind of like a zen thing. Once you accept that nobody is reading and you will never get any comments, 100 of them will come.

Yeah, whatever. Is it time for lunch yet?

Anonymous said...

I wish for you only BLOG traffic for the rest of the year!

Just signed up for NaBloPoMo, guess, I'll see ya 'round. :)

mythopolis said...

Ok, so you WERE putting on your lipstick and talking on the cell phone at the same heavy traffic...ok...ok...I can accept that, sure, I can go with the flow.. but please, please tell me you were not also trying to eat a bean burrito on your laptop ..while reading the newspaper....and putting lipstick on your cell heavy traffic...please Scriber, say it ain't so....

Coffee Slut said...

Sending you a virtual hug!
I have to remember to make sure and leave comments ...I always read, but sometimes my time on here is limited due to awful things like "housework" "husbands needing dinner" and "pets needing attention".
I hope you're having a wonderful Wednesday!

Jodi said...

Wahhh! I wanna go to lunch! LOL!

Scriber's Web said...

Yeah! I got so much love today! Comment Candy! Thank you so so much! And sorry for being such a baby.

Lisa: Hi and thanks so much for visiting and commenting. So glad you are going to use el Bastardo! I've recently started using it a lot!

MM: Thanks for the words of wisdom. I thought there was something wrong with me:) I'll join that group. I checked it out a bit and there are some cool blogs on it.

Nicole: 3000 hits? Wow. Did you take a photo of it? I can believe that you got all those hits.

Carol: Thanks for your encouragement and mentoring. The truth is that I am having so much fun with this. Thank you for introducing me to the blogging world and encouraging me to pick up the camera again.

Bloggingexperiments: Thank you for visiting and commenting! I think Nablo is going to be fun again this month!

M: I wasn't eating a burrito but I was also playing a harmonica at the same time. LOL. The traffic was at a complete stop. I moved 4 inches in 15 minutes. Plenty of time to multi-task. Too bad I did not have my camera with me:)

Coffee Slut: Thank you for your hugs! I needed some blog love from you today. LOL. No worries about the comments. Sometimes life just gets too busy. Specially during holidays. I've been slacking too. Good to know that you are still visiting.

Jodi: How about we come over there and have lunch in Manhattan? :-)

Mark said...

I came to your blog through NaBloPoMo...

I'm glad you made it through all your troubles. I pray you have a day up ahead that makes up for it. I don't really tell people about my blog so I'm happy with one or two hits and a comment every few months. Thanks for making me smile.

Where is Darran? said...

do you have an physical activity built into your day? I notice that I am able to sleep better if I get even 30 minutes of a good workout in - if you bump it to an hour or two sleeping is a cinch

naturline said...

Thanks for the feed.....I love your blog and you!!

Nicole said...

That's the point.
I don't know what that thing is counting.
I'm not getting that many hits.
I get more when I run around blogs all day and find new once, etc.
But 3000 people reading my blog, yeah, nice dream ;)
I can take a pic of it, if you want too, but it won't do us no good :D