Thursday, December 4, 2008

Wine Research

A ton of folks asked me how I find these wines with really strange names for my wine opera. I won't bore you with the details but will share conversations I had with my son. Good thing that he can drive and is over the legal age.

Scene 1: At home

Me: So, you want to drive me to the grocery store?
Son1: Sure Mom.... Umm... why are you taking your camera?
Me: Because I take it everywhere with me.
Son1: Ok. Let's go.

Scene 2: Grocery store wine section

Me: OMG! Look at that! Can you please cover me so I can take pictures?
Son1: Of what? Mom! You can't be serious!
Me: Just cover me.
Son1: You know Mom you are not supposed to do that.
Me: Just cover me. I'll be very fast and no one will notice.
Son: Mom!!! you know that I am planning to become a lawyer and then maybe go in politics. I can't have a Mom who is caught for felony. Plus this is so embarrassing.
Me: Stop overreacting. I won't go to jail. I'm not shop lifting. I'm only taking photos. I'll be very fast. And why in the world did you have to pick two of the most hated careers? I have skeletons in my closet. OMG. Look! Another one...
Son1: Mom do you realize that I could have been a president and changed the global policies. But I can't if you go to jail.
Me: Stop being so self absorbed and lighten up. IF you go into politics, I will go to rehab. All sins are forgiven if you go to rehab.
Son1: You mean there is rehab for photography?
Me: Well of course not for photography. But I'll find something. We'll take care of it when the time comes. If you'd let me shoot without interruptions we could be gone by now.
Son1: OK Mom. That's it. We are leaving. If you don't come with me right now, I will leave and send Dad to pick you up. This is so embarrassing.
Me: OK. Be that way. Let's go home. You are no fun!

Scene 3: Drive Home

Son1: Mom you have to promise me that you won't do anything crazy like that again. I worry about you. All you have to do is get some cards printed and ask for permission before you take photos.
Me: OK. You promise me that you won't marry someone unless I give you permission.
Son1: Mom! Please stop!

Scene 4: Son1 leaves and calls home

Son1: Are you keeping your promise? You are not doing anything crazy are you?
Me: Nope I am not. I asked for permission before I took photos.
Son1: See? That wasn't that bad was it? I am so proud of you Mom.

After I was done talking to him, it hit me.

When did our roles reverse?


Jodi said...

OMG! How hysterical. My two favorite lines...
1) "Just cover me"
2) "Stop being so self absorbed and lighten up. IF you go into politics, I will go to rehab. All sins are forgiven if you go to rehab."

He was all serious and all about not wanting to be an accessory or something. No fun! LOL!

Have a wonderful day my friend. Thank you so much for the laugh!!!

Tea Knee said...

hahaha!! I can only guess which son this is!! If he is going to be president, etc he has to worry about the rest of the family too - looks like we are ALL going to rehab!

mythopolis said...

Hilarious! and the child becomes the father of the man....or in this case, woman...very funny anecdote..!

Midwest Mommy said...

Why is it you can't take pictures in stores? I have never understood that.

Nicole said...

Oh my - that's no fun - asking permission :D
And well, I think I know why I don't have any kids - I couldn't take that :D

Rehab for Photography, well,.....can I join you?

Carol said...

There's rehab for photography?!?

Oh crap, I'm in for it now.

Amanda said...

Wait - you can't take photos of wine labels in stores? Why not???

Yet another reason I love living in Korea. People may think things I take photos are makes me crazy, but they wouldn't stop me.

BLOGitse said...

What a great son you have :-)
He drives, covers you up, worries about you....and you'll end up rehab, wau! :-)