Monday, December 22, 2008

Wine Opera: Part 7

On a cold and dark night, the Purple Cowboy went to the Good Daughter's house like a Ghost Rider to deliver Christmas presents at her door step.

He went on his Electric Reindeer.

He wanted the Good Daughter to have all the lovely presents with Bells and Whistles.

So he bought her the entire set of Encyclopedia.

And a Rock Rabbit.

And hopefully the best, Four Emus.

If this wouldn't make the Good Daughter love him, nothing would.


Jodi said...

Sounds like he is trying to buy her love...Hmmm?

Another wonderful edition of your Wine Opera. I'm rooting for the Purple Cowboy. I happen to know someone who has a crush on him. ;

Have a beautiful day my friend!! I'm heading up to my in-laws with my hubby today to see if I can get UI on the phone today from a landline. I don't want to waste all of my minutes. I'm so glad he has off today. Under different circumstances we normally don't have the same day off.

mythopolis said...

Things are looking good, since no woman could possibly resist getting four emus for Christmas. I am so glad you posted this since I was wondering what to put under the tree for my girl friend. Thanks!

Ballerina Girl said...

ok, I have to question the choices of Purple Cowboy...4 emus? hhhmmm...
I can't imagine what the Good Daughter will say?!

Midwest Mommy said...

You should have an opera party where we all sample each of these !

Joe said...

Is that Encyclopedia good? I've seen it in local shop here in Albuquerque, and thought of getting a bottle for my wife.

mrsbear said...

He would have won me over at the emus. It's not every day a girl gets emus... ;)

Nicole said...

I would like to try the encyclopedia - looks good :D
Looking forward to see if they finally gonna make it ;)

Scriber's Web said...

Jodi: How did I end up in a situation like this? How can I have a crush on a character I created based on a bottle of wine? Oh woe is me! LOL.

Mytho: Do tell us about your girlfriend! And yes. No ordinary woman can resist getting 4 emus for christmas. But the Good Daughter is a little different. BTW, in Texas, there are a ton of folks who raise emus for commercial purposes. I think they sell the eggs. But let me tell you something. The emus are very very stupid and extremely mean!

BG: The Purple Cowboy will learn. And who wants a set of encyclopedias for Christmas?

MM: Bring it on girl! I'll see you on New Year's Eve at my place!

Joe: Don't think. Just do it. I bet Betty will like it.I haven't really tried it. I can't afford to try all the wines I talk about in my opera:) I'd be broke and in a hospital. But if I do try it, I'll let you know.

MrsBear: No woman can resist the emus! LOL.

Nicole: I'll try it out and let you know. It is expensive but what the heck? I'll do it for you and Joe:)

Nicole said...

Sacrifice, it's all about sacrifice ;)