Friday, December 5, 2008

For love of beer

I got an irate email from a beer drinker yesterday. And I must share it with you…

Dear Scriber’s Web

Why are you promoting only wine? Drinking Beer is good for the economy too. You need to provide equal time to beer. You are not being fair to the beer drinkers and the beer manufacturers everywhere in the world. You must correct these actions immediately.


Dear Unhappy John,

You are correct. I am devoting more time to wine because I like them more and have lots of fun gathering wine names. Beer is less palatable to me and certainly does not have as amusing names as wine. It is my blog and I will write what I will write.
But, being nice, I will dedicate the following photograph to beer drinkers everywhere

Carry Beer. Not Guns.

Happy now?


Nicole said...

Oh, poor guy.
Tell him I fill your share of advertisement space for beer and other alc on my blog ;)

Ballerina Girl said...
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Ballerina Girl said...

Nice!!! I do not like beer either!
I much prefer your wine stories, and really, why does everything have to be one and the other...
like, well, if you do wine then you should do beer? I just don't get that mentality...
anyways, to each his own!
have a great weekend

Anonymous said...

Way to stand up for YOUR blog Scriber! Great pic too by the way. I do happen to have a link for your beer loving's for TheJoeReview (one of my loyal followers)and he does review beers...all sorts, and lots of them have great names, too!

Scriber...I'll pop over to Joe's and leave your link too. :)

Anonymous said...


Carol said...

Dear John,

Look what you have done. Now she's all liquored up. There's even talk of rehab. Are you happy now?!?

--Friends of Scriber's

mythopolis said...

It is not in my interest to take sides on this issue. Anything that gets a girl drunk, is fine with me! Please don't throw bottles.or my computer screen...

Betty said...

If he is interested in beer blogs he needs to look for those specially, He can stop by and read my husband's beer reviews:

Got your link from Abigail @ Blogging experiments.
I enjoy wine and will enjoy your posts. ;)

Jodi said...

I'm with you on this one. I don't like the taste of beer. It really is an acquired taste.

I say keep up with wine photos and operas since it is your blog. LOL!

Thank you for all the well wishes about my Harley. He is doing much better today than last night but all he is doing is sleeping to wear off the anesthesia. My poor little guy!

I wish you a terrific day my friend!! (hugs)