Thursday, December 11, 2008

Dashboard View

So this is what my car looked like from the inside this morning. I had the hardest time getting it started. You don't want to know the details. But I can tell you that even cars don't know how to act in an ice storm in Austin. My poor car was confused. Yesterday AC full blast on and today all this ice?

I slept through the whole ice storm since it happened middle of the night. I asked my friend Carol this morning if it was sleet or snow or tiny hail. And she said, "It was serious white stuff. It came down all night. It was extremely windy too. It was so loud that I couldn't sleep all night. But it was big white stuff falling from the sky."

See how we Austinites are ignorant about this stuff?

I had turned on the TV in the morning but the Weathermen were all super hyper. Snow Event! Ice Event! Blah blah. So I muted it.

Anyways, I have started doing some yoga in the morning. On day 3, I am loving it. And I hate to exercise. Its been helping me with sleep problems. I've been sleeping through the night. Yeah!

I also got on this diet. I had a cold last week and have recovered from it other than the fact that I squeak instead of talking. But I drank a ton of homemade soup during that time. And loved it.

So I decided to quit all meat and carbs this week. And I did a great job! I think. Here is my status:

Day 1: fabulous no problem.
Day 2: I had a dream about a huge baked potato with tons of bacon. It was as big as me and I was lying next to it. Don't even try to interpret this one my friends:)
Day 3: I crashed.
I had the best lunch today. Healthy but with meat and potatoes. Yeah! Yummy!

So there you are.

Are you regretting my commitment to blog every day in December as much as I am?


Cairo Typ0 said...

Frozen rain sucks! I remember having to drive home in an ice storm when we lived in DC. *shudder* People were driving like idiots and i got into an accident because someone else didn't know how to drive in the rain. Grrrr

mythopolis said...

Photo is awesome! I hope I don't have a nightmare tonight of a giant baked potato snuggling up to me!

Craig | fusedreality said...

Hmmm... No meat or carbs you say? I'm wondering when the dreams of Turkey from Thanksgiving Past come back to haunt you to eat again...

Well, hopefully not!

Jodi said...

Nope I love the fact that you blog everyday. You crack me up so much! The dream almost made me pee my pants! That is hysterical. Please, I'm still laughing about your visit to the store with your son last week. LOL!

I can totally relate to your weather problems. Yesterday it was 63 here but damp because it rained. Today it is 40 and we had rain this morning and will have snot this afternoon. I just don't get it.

I wish you a beautiful day my friend!! Have a safe and ice-free commute home.

Nicole said...

Grin, that reminds me of the day I was sitting through a hail storm in Germany about two months back. Yuck ;)
And diet without Carbs. I did Atkins once for 4 weeks with extreme fitness. It helped, I felt great, but I can't live without my carbs, nor with too much meat ;)
And I do love to blogg, so it's not exactly a question of blogging every day, it's more like only once a day?!

mythopolis said...

Thank you re your inquiry as to the nature of the unidentified frozen object on your windshield. We are happy to inform you that our analysts have concluded it is not from outer space. Furthermore, they have narrowed it down to one or two possible explanations. One, it could be a trilobite fossil that was somehow broken away from its limestone bed and wound up on your windshield; or two, it could possibly be a leaf. Neither are contagious in any way. We hope this relieves your concerns on the matter.