Monday, December 1, 2008

Wine Opera: Part 4

The Purple Cowboy's spell had finally worn off. And he desperately wanted to take the Good Daughter for a Tete-a-tete.

He did not know what to do. So he asked the Scheming Beagle.

According to the instructions, he arrived with flowers in his Big Ass Cab.

The Good Daughter was standing on the porch looking beautiful in a Lil's Red Satin thingy. She wore her cowboy boots and a big floppy hat. The Purple Cowboy's heart started hammering. Until he saw...

Justin on the porch offering red roses to the Good Daughter.

The Purple Cowboy lost all control of himself and yelled, "IL BASTARDO!!!!!"

Stay tuned for the next wine soap opera post coming up next Monday...


Nicole said...

That's another wonderful story.
I love to follow this :D
But I bet he will get her in the end (well, I hope at least :)

Jodi said...

I love it!! Too funny. That lil satin thingy was perfect especially with the cowboy boots. Hmm? By the looks of what she was wearing, how much longer is she going to be the "good" daughter. LOL!

I hope you have a terrific day my friend!! Be careful on your commute. Thank you for that are too sweet!!

mythopolis said...

ha ha ha...girls in lil satin thingys have caused many a bar room brawl! Will the purple cowboy get even more purple with rage and defend lil good satin thingy daughter's honor? The suspense is killing me!

Midwest Mommy said...

All those pics made me want a glass of wine at 8:00 am, is that bad?

BLOGitse said...

Just GREAT, just great...You did it again! :-)

mrsbear said...

Wow! You're getting pretty good at this. Looks like you're having a lot of fun, although I don't know where you find these wines. Big Ass Cab?! LOL

Ballerina Girl said...

love it...great twist with Justin!
I can hear the twang in these lines as they are read ;)

Scriber's Web said...

Wow. I didn't realize how far behind I am in responding to comments!

Nicole: I am so glad you are enjoying this story. I am a romantic at heart so we'll see what happens in the end. But like a good soap opera, it must drag on:)

Jodi: Thanks friend! The Good Daughter will always be a good daughter. She is squeaky clean! So glad you are enjoying this silly opera:)

Mythopolis: You'll have to be patient. And the good daughter is very capable of kicking bu**. This is a soap opera so it will drag on for a bit:) Hopefully, I will make it fun while it drags on.

MM: Somewhere out there in the world, while it is 8:00 AM here, it is 8:00 PM out there. So go for it! Help the economy!

Blogitse: Thank you so much! So glad you are enjoying these! It is super fun writing about them.

Mrs Bear: Thank you! I am really having fun. There are so many wines with funny names! The possibilities are endless:)

BG: Ha ha... The twang! Gotto have it for the purple cowboy!