Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Blond Russian Girl

Pixel Fiction 2

The blue-eyed, blond Russian Girl Pixel Fiction:

Part 1 is by me is posted here.

Part 2 by Mythopolis is posted here.

Part 2 by Carol is posted here.

Part 2 by Moody Blue is posted here.

Part 2 by Ballerina Girl is here.

Thank you for posting! It is never too late to post another part 2. I know there are others who want to write this. Just post a link in my comment section.

All three endings are very unique. I am sure that you will enjoy them all. It amazes me how 3 different people come up with extremely creative endings.

Carol has already posted the part 1 of Pixel Fiction 3. If you are interested in posting part 2, go ahead! I am still thinking about where to take this story.

Let me know if you are going to do this.


Ballerina Girl said...

ok, did it! go and read my version!

SuneetG said...

Awesome Idea, puts a completely new spin on those Children's books where the reader can choose their own ending etc. I look forward to the future.

Nicole said...

I'll check out the other endings one after another.
Did already too much reading today :)
Lovely, lovely idea.
I can only repeat myself :)

mythopolis said...

Ummm...just posted to Carol on the ending of her story and don't feel I did it justice..my time is short right now so I made an abrupt ending...she did a really nice job of developing 3 characters...if you wish to read it it, click on Mythopolis and on the so-called profile click on my Mything Links site. That should give you my ending. If you have time while on that site, scroll down to Anna de Keersmaker's minimalistic dances to Steve Reich's minimalist music..sorry for doing that plug but I am a big fan of Reich and as per Anna...I would do anything for her!

Jodi said...

I think everybody's was great! This was alot of fun. Hopefully tomorrow will be a quiet day & I can participate in Pixel #3. Today was extremely nuts. I'm glad though because tomorrow I have another lesson. Ugh!

I hope you had a nice day my friend!! One more day!! Are you off on Friday? I am - thank God!

Scriber's Web said...

BG: Fun! I posted a comment on your blog!

SuneetG: Thanks for posting a comment. Do it more often. OK? Remember who is paying your bills:)

Nicole: Yeah you will enjoy reading them! I loved them.

M: I won't read it until I have written my version. I'll post mine on Friday. Thanks so much for doing it. The more people do it the more fun it is:)

Jodi: Thanks so much for doing it. I hope you do have a relaxing day. I am off on Friday and I'll post pixel # 3 on Friday. I'll post Pixel Fiction # 4 on Saturday if things go according to the plan:)