Saturday, November 29, 2008

Water Taxi in Los Cabos

In Cabos Mexico, you can take a glass bottom water taxi from one beach to the other. You can even get a round trip to the arch. It is kinda like Manhattan where you strike a pose and a taxi will instantly appear. Depending on how cute you look.

Here is the boat we took. A word of warning though. It is kinda hard to get into it from the beach. Specially if you are carrying a ton of camera equipment. They are also very very bumpy. So point at shoot and whatever you get on your camera, oh well.

You do see a ton of fishes in the boat. It is amazing. Don't expect to get a perfect shot. The fish are super fast. Click, click, click. And consider yourself lucky if you get a shot of some.

I was being tossed around in the boat when I took this photo. Like I said, photo composition goes out of the window. You just click and hope to catch some of the beauty.

I like this picture because it signifies what is going on with me right now. Great boat, being tossed around a bit, headed towards the open sea or the rocks. You never know where the boat will end up.

If you want to take some great shots, I highly recommend the Sunset Cruise. The boat is larger, there are tons of people on the boat so it adds weight, and it is much more steady.

You'll see a spectacular sunset but won't see the fishes. Dolphins and Marlins? Yes. Little fishes? Nope.

Either way, you can't go wrong.


Ballerina Girl said...

hey looks cool...
question: your title in my sidebar says blogging course, but then when I click it doesn't appear..only the Los Cabos water taxi post..
what's up?
and no, itchy is not a reindeer ;)

Nicole said...

Oh, looks like a cool trip!
And hey, I hope your boat heads for the sea & not the rocks!

Jodi said...

Those are beautiful pictures even if you were being tossed around. You are a representation that an artist will suffer for his craft. LOL! Awww, they turned out great though. That water is gorgeous!!!!

I hope you are enjoying your Saturday my friend!! Have a great day!

Cancun Mexico said...

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