Friday, November 14, 2008


Happy Friday!

Today, I am just going to bore you with a list of errands I have to do this weekend. Things have been hopping on my blog lately and too much excitement is not a good thing for you guys.

So here goes:

  • Find something glamorous to wear in the closet that fits. Dress up. Go for the Jackie-O, elegant, classy, less is more look. Find the pearls or some elegant jewelery. Remember that I am less likely to get arrested if I have the Jackie-O look. Wear high heels. Comb hair.
  • Go to World Market with my 2 cameras and take pictures of wines.
  • Look inconspicuous and try not to get arrested.
  • Remember to take big dark sun glasses with me.
  • Purchase some stuff so it looks like I am actually there at the store to buy something. Buy useless junk for the house.
  • Casually run out of the store. Make sure that I don't trip on my high heels.
  • Come home, process the photos and find the camera manual. Find out what the heck white space is about.
  • Watch the Cuisinart DVD. Complain why they can't have regular manuals.
  • Drink some wine and try to come up with something intelligent to say. Who knows, some real wine critic may stumble on my blog. Blah, blah, blah is unacceptable.
  • Plan what I am going to write on my blog next week. Scratch that. I never do what I plan anyways. The blog has a life of its own. It goes where it goes.
  • Apply a fresh coating of makeup and go to the wine supermarket. Repeat the same steps that I used for World Market.
Note to self: While contribution to economy is a great thing, don't get carried away. Use common sense. None of the blog readers will come to bail you out of jail. They are all over the world!

Also, keep phone numbers of some local friends handy. Just in case I get arrested.


Jodi said...

Either phone numbers of local friends or local bail bondsmen. Maybe you can call Stephanie Plum?

I hope you have a terrific weekend my friend. Thank you again for all your concern. I owe you an email. The one you wrote to me yesterday was beautiful - thank you! ♥

mythopolis said...

Casually run out of the store! hahaha..I can just picture it! Have a good weekend!

mythopolis said...

Oh darn! Where's my brand new leopard skin pill box hat when I need it?!

Ballerina Girl said...

I love World Market...
can't help you out in the bailing department, we wouldn't want to get international police thinking we had a conspiracy going! hahahaha
Have fun and looking forward to your "finds"