Friday, November 28, 2008

Pixel Fiction 3 - The Race the end

What is Pixel Fiction: Carol or I start a story and tag each other. One starts and the other ends the story. Anyone can participate. If you write an ending to the story, please leave a comment here with a link to your blog so I can compile the stories.
The Race: Beginning

The Race: The End

Mary gasped and turned around to check on her son. He was fast asleep oblivious to the danger. With all the strength she had, Mary honked the horn. And cussed. The baby was awake now and crying. She cussed again.

But the oncoming cars were oblivious to her. They were staring down at each other reving their machines and coming full throttle at her. She looked to the left and then to the right. There was no shoulder and no place for her to pull over. On one side were tall trees and other a cliff. She cussed again. And honked and honked.

The two cars were coming directly at her and her baby. She did what she only could. She prayed. And prayed. She wanted her son to be safe. She did not want either one to die.

Then she slammed her brakes.

The brakes screeched and the baby cried. She was sobbing now.

"Give me a freaking break!" She yelled.

Suddenly both the drivers noticed her car. They hit each other, swerved, and lost control of the car. And in seconds, one car went down the cliff and the other rammed into the tree.

She stopped in the middle of the road. The baby was still crying. But they were safe. She ran toward the car tangled in the tree. Smoke was spewing out. She took her cell out out to call the police. And ran towards the car to help.

She didn't have to be a doctor to tell that he was dead. She was still waiting to get through to the police. She saw some blankets and a towel. Wanting to cover the man a little, she grabbed them both.

And out popped out the packets. The man was dead and the car was about to blow up. The world stopped. All her worries dissipated. Very stealthily, she grabbed both the packets and walked towards her car.

It was while she was tucking away the packets safely into the diaper bag, that she connected with the police. She told them what happened and waited for them to arrive.

She took her baby out of the car seat and gave him the bottle.

"Hush my sweet potato. Everything is all right. It will be all right now. We are going to El Paso to meet your uncle John. He is going to be so happy with the present we have for him."


Jodi said...

I will participate...I just have to finish two things for my class and this will be on my list. Hehehehe. This is fun!

BTW, I closed my eyes. I didn't read yours. I will read it after I do mine. I don't want to cheat. Hehehe.

mythopolis said...! we were thinking in some ways alike...