Monday, November 10, 2008

Wine: Mixed Signals

This weekend I decided to take my camera to a store and take some photos of wines with interesting names.

And I got all kinds of mixed signals.

Meet wine number 1: Monogamy

I recommend you buy this and give it to a cheating spouse. As a passive aggressive reminder. We know you are cheating and you need to stop right now. Remember monogamy?

Avoid giving it to your own spouse unless you think she/he is cheating on you. It will just be confusing.

Meet wine number 2: Promisqous

Do not give it to a cheating spouse. Never ever to be served with the lovely Cabernet Monogamy.

On second thought, give it to a cheating spouse accusing him or her of being promiscuous. That will teach them!

Meet wine number 3: Menage a Trois

See! I told you that you would not believe me if I told you. You have to see this to believe it.

This wine reminds me of George Costanza in Sinefield. Anyone remember that episode?

So my dear friends there you have it. For now. I got mixed signals. No matter what lifestyle you chose, there is wine for you to drink.

I however came home with this:


mythopolis said...

Thanks for this lesson in wine etiquette, until now I hadn't thought about giving a cheating spouse a certain bottle as a hint...I always assumed that you were just supposed to break the bottle over their head. (Peace)

Jodi said...

Those are HYSTERICAL!!

Do they have Baby Sister? LOL

Hope you are enjoying your Monday my friend!

Nicole said...

I am with mythopolis on this one.
I would probably drink the wine first and use the empty bottle ;)

Where do you find these?

Scriber's Web said...

M: You have an excellent point! Next time, I drink the bottle and break it over their head!

Jodi: I haven't found it yet. But I'll keep you guys posted on these.

Nicole: I agree with you and Mythopolis. Drink the wine first and then break it on their heads.

I found these wines at a local Target. Don't know if you have those in Europe. My friends who come from Europe love them. And as you can tell, they certainly have a sense of humor:)

Midwest Mommy said...

That's great!
They should have one called, conception because wine is what did it for me :-)
Btw- have you gotten the package yet?

mrsbear said...

How do you dig up those little treasures? That's so cool. Do they taste as interesting as they loook?

Nicole said...

I haven't seen a Target market in Europe yet.
I sure love their sense of humour :D

Scriber's Web said...

MidWest Mom: LOL. I bet if I look hard enough, I'll find it. I haven't received the package yet. I am planning on doing a post after I get it. I'll also send you an email as soon as I get it. I am excited!

Mrs. Bear: Like I said, I buy often but never paid attention to the names. And once I started looking, all of a sudden the names kept popping everywhere. And nope I did not try all the wines. I only got one. I only went to Target which doesn't have a ton of choices. There is a Wine Super Market in town that has thousands of wines. I want to go there to take some photos. The trick is how do I get out without getting in trouble:)

Nicole: Yes but you are in Europe! You can go for shopping to France on a weekend!

Nicole said...

Yeah right!
4 hours to get to the Austrian border, another 4 to get to the German border and at least another4 to get to the French border.
Thanks, but no thanks :D!
Europe is still fairly small, but not THAT small :P

Judd Corizan said...

I am in the liquor business. This post was a riot! Thanks for the laughs and pass the Fat Bastard merlot...

Julie T. Fritz said...

You are the only legitimate "google" search that provided me with both the label and the name of the wine Monogamy that I have been searching high and low for in North Carolina. I've been to very reputable dealers that have never heard of it and have laughed hysterically when I mention the word. They proceed to ask me questions like, "are you talking about the concept of monogamy?" and proceed to recommend the "menage a trois" (Which I've had.... not literally but just in the beverage). Would you happen to know who distributes this??? Thanks for your time. Julie

Scriber's Web said...

Hi Julie,

Thank you for visiting my site and leaving a comment.

Those wine dealers are simply not aware of these wines. Give them a link to my blog:) These wines do exist.

I found the wine at a local Target. But not all Target stores sell wine. The superstores do.

Here is the marketing company that represents this wine. Their website just became visible.

Keep us posted! If nothing works, I'll ship them to you!

I've tried the Monogamy wine and it is good:)

Scriber's Web said...

From Mytho: Its kind of funny that the proprietor was carrying menage a trois but had never heard of monogamy : )

Anonymous said...

My favorite part of spotting these wines at Target around Valentine's Day: Monogamy is more expensive than promisquity, and a menage a trois is the cheapest of them all. Irony at its finest:
(you're welcome)