Thursday, November 6, 2008

Random thoughts

Today I just have unrelated random questions and thoughts:

  • I never know what to wear nowadays. The lows are in 40's and the highs in 80's. At all times during the day, I am either cold or warm or simply burning up. And don't tell me this is a hot flash. You folks up north are so lucky. You know exactly what to wear. To you, layers are like pants, shirt, sweater, and jacket. In Texas, it means bathing suit, shorts, pants, tank top, shirt, light sweater, hoodie, jacket, and a rain coat. Can you imagine how much time we spend on getting the layers on and off? In one day?
  • Today for dinner my hubby made steak, asparagus, mushrooms, and potatoes. And this delicious sauce. I hope I can do justice to it. Usually, I can't.
  • It is 7:00 pm and all the windows in my house are open. If we leave it open all night long, it get too muggy. I envy all the folks who live in the wonderful north.
  • I remember way back when I bought my food processor. It was a generic brand and we saved a dollar here or there for a long long time. It was great. I used it almost every day. Then it broke. Things are different now. A couple of years ago, my hubby got a Cuisinart. I had dreamed about it all my life. But with a job and everything, it sat in the box for an year. It comes with a DVD full of instructions. And a fabulous manual. It was scary. We finally started using it. Only I know how to set it up. My hubby can't and blames the engineering and the country the processor comes from. You know what is scary? Neither one looked at manual or watched the DVD. You know what is scarier? My job is to write documentation for products. I spend a lot of time daily saying RTFM. RTFM. RTFM. What does that mean? Read the f*/freaking manual. So ... on a scale from 1 to 10, how pathetic am I?


Jodi said...

Awww no, you aren't pathetic.

I don't have any patience for instructions. Maybe that is it?


Hope you had a nice day my friend!

mythopolis said...

Well, no you're not pathetic...but maybe tired, since RFTM actually reads as "read f-ing the manual" and not "read the f-ing manual"..heh heh. As per the clothing issue...that's a tough one..perhaps a seminar with a quick-change artist would help. You might also look at a good used NASA space suit. While they are a bit bulky, they are temperature and humidity controlled. (TIGF!)

Nicole said...

I know the problem with not knowing what to wear. Here it goes right now from T-Shirt to Sweater and warm Jacket in one day :(

Uh - I am scared now to say that I hate reading manuals... :D

Scriber's Web said...

Jodi: Got you email. Will respond soon.

M: LOL. You made a good catch. I fixed it! It should have said RTFM. TGIF to you too buddy!

Nichole: Don't be scared to say you don't read manuals. I don't either:) I think people only look at them if they run into trouble. That's totally fine. Frankly, I don't think a single person on this planet reads the manual before they start using the product. If they never ever have to refer to manuals, that just means the product is very well designed. LOL.

mythopolis said...

Most of the instruction guides I see lately don't even have words! Just line drawings, arrows and numbers. These can really wack you out on Christmas morning when the kids want you to put this crazy thing you bought them together!