Sunday, November 16, 2008

Still Here!

Still here. The weather is outstanding. Blue, blue skies, cool and crisp. I am going for a walk with my camera.

Yesterday was awesome too. I did get some photos of cool wines. Or wines with cool names. It was an adventure. I can tell you that my poor little heart got a cardio-workout. It was beating so hard.

I am going to work on some photo assignments today. You'll see them this week.

Sorry this is so boring. This is exactly why I come up with stories for my blog. My personal life is very boring.


Jodi said...

You are not boring!

I'm glad that you didn't get arrested! Don't worry though, I would have had your back being from Jersey and all. Plum Bonds isn't that far from me. LOL

Happy Sunday my friend ♥

Ballerina Girl said...

I like this picture...
and no worries...everyone is boring sometimes, though I haven't felt it yet with your always have great pics!
Happy Sunday

mythopolis said...

Two ladders diverged in a back yard, and I
took the one less traveled.

Carol said...

You're not boring. You're not boring.

Just in case you think you're boring, try on some Pixel Fiction for size:

(Good luck!)

Jodi said...

Love mythopolis' Robert Frost reference :)

Nicole said...

Interesting shot.
First he climbed over the wall and then up the palm tree?