Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Wine Story Winner!

Last week or so, I announced a wine-names story competition. For more info, click here.

After many tabulations and careful consideration, I am very happy to declare the winner as:


He wins an original Scriber's Web 2009 calendar.

Congratulations Mythopolis!!!!

You did a good job. An R rated one but nevertheless. It was great!

I know that many of you were interested in participating but could not. Don't worry. In December, I'll post another composite list of wine names and have another competition. There will be a prize for the winner also. But trust me, participating is fun enough. Indulge in your goofiness!

Meanwhile, if you have feedback about the competition, let me know. Was the deadline too short? Was the theme too lame? Was it a busy time for you? Would you ever participate in something like this?

I have a thick skin. So do tell. Even if it is... stop this madness now!

So M, Congratulations! Do you want me to autograph it?


Nicole said...

Oh, I totally missed this, tsts.
Na, maybe in December.
I was thinking about a small competition on my blog too.
With a tiny Christmas gift Voucher.
But I haven't figured out about what to do it yet.
We shall see :)
I'm looking forward to your next one :D

Jodi said...

You are just right..just like Baby Bear's porridge. LOL!

I hope you had a wonderful day my friend. Yay! I'm leaving work in 10mins! I can't wait for 4 days off!!!

I hope you day tomorrow is blessed!!! ♥

mythopolis said...

Yes, of course I want an autograph...even though it seems I won by default, but now, people are getting into it and next time I will be in deep waters..or at the bottom of the wine glass as the case may be, good fun...thanks for the opportunity of having such. d.