Sunday, November 2, 2008

Sunday Mornings

I love to wake up early on Sunday mornings and catch up on the world. Today I am going to relax in the morning and maybe go for a walk with my camera. I am going to a friend's place for potluck lunch and need to decide what to take with me. I haven't been inspired to cook lately so I'll probably pick up some stuff. On my way back, I'll pick up some cheap wine and tackle my wine drinking project. Since when did drinking wine become such a chore?

Watch this space for my contribution to the economy.

And nope I won't be drinking and driving.


Ballerina Girl said...

Good job in going for another Nablopomo!
I'll keep checking! and giving you your comment "candy"!

Coffee Slut said...

Happy Sunday!

Jodi said...

I thank you in advance to your contribution to the economy. Have fun at your pot luck lunch. I was going to suggest bringing a bottle of your wine. LOL

Have a great Sunday my friend.

mythopolis said...

Well, they don't sell wine here on Sunday, so pick up an extra bottle for me. Maybe drop it off on your way's only a 16 hour drive. Thanks.

ellebee said...

Thanks for checking out my page through NaBloPoMo! A nice bottle of wine sounds perfect tonight - hope you enjoy your evening.

Anonymous said...

Hope you enjoyed your potluck and sunday!

Nicole said...

That's a lovely place on that picture - where is that?

And cooking, nah, not for me today either :D

Scriber's Web said...

BG: Thanks for all the candy!

CS: I did have a very very happy sunday. Specially the evening:)

Jodi: My friend you know how sacrificing I am and how committed I am to the economy! LOL.

M: They sell wine on sundays after 12. Good for me!

Ellebee: Thanks so much for visiting!

txaggiechick: You know you could contribute too. Let's have a wine drinking party. Help the economy!

Nichole: Thanks for visiting! I took this photo in Todos Mexico.