Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Black Iris

Wordless Wednesday...


mythopolis said...

I absolutely love this shot!!!

BLOGitse said...

WELL DONE! stylish, elegant.....

Scriber's Web said...

Mythos: I am also working on entering a flower show. This one probably won't make the cut because it is black and white. Expect to see a ton of flowers!

Blogitse: Thanks so much!

Sauron said...

Awesome shot, and an awesome caption, Scriber. :)

Carol said...

Wonderful, lovely photo!

NicoleB said...

This is totally gorgeous!
Postcard perfect!

Re flower show. WOW, keeping my fingers crossed!
Sometimes it would be nice to live in the US, they have much more going on in this regard.

Btw. 2 more votes and you are in the lead for the hunt :)
4 more days to go :D

Scriber's Web said...

Sauron: Thanks dude! You are on quite a roll yourself! I am really enjoying reading your poems.

Carol: Thanks girl! I owe you!

Nicole: Interesting how the photo came out. You know they have some shows in Europe too. I almost entered one yesterday but got too lazy. I am just entering these shows. Getting in another story:) Yeah about the Scavenger Hunt! The guys in my office are very excited about it:) It was a fabulous project and can't wait for the next one:)

NicoleB said...

I almost entered one the other day, but reading the fine print I said "Thanks but no thanks"
They wanted to have the rights to print the pic in their magazine and use it on their HP, fine.
They wanted to use it for promotions, fine.
They wanted the rights to make money with it, to give the rights to others to use and make money, and so on.
Nope, thanks ;)
Keep your prize!
I'm just getting a bit picky about those kind of things.
There's no need for that.

BLOGitse said...

Is the point: i take a photo and that's it? - somebody else could earn thousands, million...what do you get as a prize, worth of how much?

Scriber's Web said...

Nicole: Yeah I've run into some of those. They think we are stupid and desperate. But there are some legitimate galleries here that charge you to enter but you get to keep all the rights. If you sell them, you have to give them about 40% commission. Which is not that bad. I am not at that level where I can expect to make a living by selling photos:)

Blogitse: Yeah there are some scams going around. But an artist should never have to give away complete rights for free.

NicoleB said...

Like I said, I don't mind giving them the right to use it for promotional work.
I wouldn't mind if they make money from it and share the income.
But having even third parties getting the rights for it?

Entry fees is a fishy thing.
They get the events sponsored in most cases, so why charge an entry fee?

I don't know, maybe I'm just too lazy for all these competitions ;)
I rather sell my occasional postcard :P

BLOGitse said...

how about the prizes? what do you get if you win?

Scriber's Web said...

Nicole: I know of some local galleries that charge an entry fee. It is about 25 dollars for 3 photos. This helps them stay in business. I know of numerous galleries that simply closed down because of lack of funds. I would love to open my own gallery but it is a cut throat business. Not enough money in it to survive. Alternatively, I can join some photo groups where I pay an annual fee of 25 dollars and they display the group's work in various galleries. As someone who is new in this field, it is a good deal. I'll keep you guys posted on all the stuff.

Blogitse: I've only entered one so far in a local gallery and the cost was 25 dollars for 3 photos. If you get accepted by the Jury, your work gets displayed in a reputable gallery and you are invited to all the events. Since I am new in this field, it is good to get some exposure. The gallery sells your artwork and if it is sold, they take 40% commission. If you enter a gallery show, then the prize is getting accepted. Trust me. I was rejected. You are invited to the opening show and if your artwork sells, you make some money. My purpose is not to make a living out of this but to build up my photography resume. Having a photo displayed in a gallery is a good resume builder. For someone like me who is just starting out as a photographer.

NicoleB said...

The private galleries are a whole different ballgame.
I wouldn't mind paying them an entrance fee.

I am talking about big Sites that do nothing than provide the space on the web and play judge later and get quite a bit of money from sponsors.
Many of them are fishy.

The local galleries are what I meant in my first comment. The only ones we have are in Budapest and maybe some other bigger cities.
Oh well ;0

I would love to do the gallery part, but personal, not online :)