Monday, March 9, 2009

Tree Art

I am back. And don't believe everything Birdie says. I have very very smooth dance moves.

So in our neighborhood, a very old tree died after being struck by lightening. And instead of removing the tree, the neighborhood association decided to hire someone to come in and turn the tree into a work of art.

It is beautiful. That anyone can take a dead tree and turn it into artwork is mind baffling to me. I mean how do they come up with this idea? How does one execute the idea?

Simply baffling.

I've been passing by this tree art every single day. Yet I never went up close to see it. This weekend I did and was surprised to see how beautiful it is. I can never do justice to its beauty by photographing it.

But I tried. And made a decision to open my eyes and see everything as potential artwork. I hope you do too.

PS: I can do a mean samba. In fact, if I do the samba, jaws drop. I am so good.

Hey, it is my blog and I can write what I want to. I dare you to a virtual samba competition!


Nicole said...

That truly is a Beauty!
I'm always amazed when people make wonderful things that I could never have imagined :)

Joe said...

That's a nice sculpture. Nice of the associate to do that. Our association is really strict out here. Betty wants to paint the front door and has to call in to ask permission. She is not liking that. LOL

mythopolis said...

Pretty cool! , In New Mexico, there is an artist who does things like this...but not as tall. I think a lot of the roughing in is done by chain saw carving, using the tip of the saw almost like an engraving tool (don't try this...unless you know what you are doing.)
The bird forms were likely done with a mallet and various carving there any kind of nameplate or information there about who did it?

Midwest Mommy said...

Wow, people are seriously talented.

Sauron said...

Brilliant stuff!

Please post a video of your samba skills here, and I guess whichever of us wants to challenge you, can then decide.

mythopolis said...

Attention readers: If any of you know Scriber personally, and live in her part of the country, please videotape her Samba and post it on Youtube! Thanks.

mrsbear said...

That is freaking cool! I love it. It is amazing that someone made that out of a dead tree, that they saw the potential in it. Fascinating. I'm sure it looks even better up close.

Ram Venkatararam said...

Very neat. I remember seeing the picture of dead cherry tree in Toronto (I think) that had been painted blue. It was in the front yard of someone's house.

Scriber's Web said...

Nicole: It is truly amazing. Who thinks of these things? So creative.

Joe: That sounds a little too much. But I know associations in Austin that tend to do that. They have a certain theme and if your idea does not fit into the theme, then you simply can't do it. I hope Betty gets the approval.

Mytho: What is interesting is that there is no room for error. I'll try to find out who did this. There wasn't any name on it. But it is dedicated to the people who are and have been in the armed forces.

MM: Yes. Some people have crazy talent. I am so jealous:)

Sauron: Ha ha. Fortunately we don't own a video camera:) I am waiting for my big break on broadway:)

Mytho: Ha ha. You know I make these things up. I'd have to look up the difference between Samba and salsa. But as soon as I get a video camera, consider it done:)

MrsBear: It is really really cool. I wish I could have done justice to it.

Ram: A dead red cherry tree painted blue? Ohhh! I so want to take photos of that!

BLOGitse said...

sorry, i'm late. it's already Tuesday.
i did some samba.
my way...not as good as you... :-)

Jodi said...

Don't worry we won't listen to Birdie...Birdie is speaking ill of you because she misses her boyfriend. LOL!

Like the picture!! I think that is really cool!

I hope you are doing great my friend!!! Hugs

Scriber's Web said...

Blogitse: No worries about it! As long as you are having fun with the Samba:)

Jodi: Yep the birdie really misses the boyfriend. Hugs my friend!

Stephanie said...

At first glance, I thought it was a giraffe.
Great shot.
Makes you look more than once. :)