Monday, March 23, 2009


I have a song stuck in my head and it won't go away.

And the song is, "I'm a Barbie girl. In the Barbie world."

Ugh! Someone smack me now.

I don't care for Barbie or the Barbie world. Nor do I care for the nasal and pitchy song. If you haven't heard this song then consider yourself very very lucky. I insist that you don't go looking for the song. It will get stuck in your head. It is sheer torture.

It played in my head all day yesterday and even was the background score in my dreams.

Aah the dream... I was a singing this song in a concert wearing a tight, red, sequenced dress and high heels. I had those fake eyelashes and was wearing blue eyeshadow. And let me tell you. My legs did not look like Tina Turner's.

So like I said, someone smack me or give me a remedy to unstuck this song NOW!

That's all I have to say about that.


postcardsfromwildwood said...

Ah, but as it happens I have very happy memories of that song. My elder son was about 2 when it came out and we used to sing it as a duet, with him taking the 'Come on Barbie, let's go party' refrain. We even performed it once when a friend dropped in. He's 15 now and very cool. And definitely wouldn't thank me for telling you this! Ah, good times, good times...

NicoleB said...

It's with me now

Carol said...

I think the band is called Aqua?

If the song is stuck in your head, you should see the video. Phew!

mythopolis said...

Suddenly, throwing shrimp on the Barbie sounds kinky! But it is the season to fire up the girl...I mean grill. I had a Krispy Kreme donut jingle stuck in my head for two years. My psychiatrist said I should visualize the donut melting away. It finally did go away, but my eyes are still glazed.!

BLOGitse said...

oh, Scriber did you have to? now it's here too...i hate that song!
wait, more volume on my radio...'Leila' oh, that's old but still ok to listen...

still teasing you, b..b..b..b, blaaah?

Scriber's Web said...

Janice: Ha ha. Too funny about your son not wanting you to tell anyone. My kids and I used to dance to Will Smith's Parent's Just don't understand song. It was so catchy. Maybe I was a bad MOM? LOL.

Nicole: Sorry. :(

Carol: No! No! No! No more info please! I want it to go away!

Mythos: You are too funny! But that explains a lot of things:)

Blogitse: I had to listen to my ipod all day yesterday to get rid of that song! Yuck! Sorry!