Friday, March 13, 2009


My entry for Photo Friday.

Happy Friday everyone!

Da boys (my kiddos from college) come in tonight. Yeah! Nothing can make me happier.

It is going to be a very busy weekend for me. Spring hopefully is just around the corner so I want to work some in my backyard. We celebrate my son's birthday. And I have to wrap up Nicole's photo Scavenger hunt. To say that I am running very behind is an understatement. But I think I can still do it. Yet to figure out how I will post 25 photos.

Oh well.

What are your weekend plans? Anything exciting? Do tell!


Coffee Slut said...

Beautiful photo!
Have an awesome weekend!!!

Sauron said...

I wish I could dive right in!

And heck, I didn't even realise that another weekend has arrived, simply because I have classes, submissions, and an exam again!! :'(

Enjoy your weekends, everyone (and pray that I may get one soon :) )

BLOGitse said...

Enjoy! Have a great time with your family!

We're having beef fillet and red wine tonight...yammy!

mythopolis said...

You say yammy, I say yummy...Have fun time with the boys and birthday party? Among the "gadgets" on my blog layout options is a slide show you have that? I don't know how it works...Nicole, if you are reading this, my scavenger hunt is going to be a complete fake...but I will try to get my "doo-doo" together tomorrow and post some kind of stupidity on my mything links site! I look forward to seeing what others have done. Word verification "deduc"...its a place on your income tax form.

Monica said...

I myself am being forced to go to the mall.I havent been there since september for school clothes and I really font want to go.

But I hope you have a nice weekend :)

Scriber's Web said...

CS: Thanks. Don't work too hard this weekend!

Sauron: The water is perfect to dive in. Just avoid the sharks! You get summers off. Right?

Blogitse: Oh that sounds delicious! Have lots of fun!

Mytho:I can't wait to see the slide show. I've tried it before so I'll figure it out. Word verification is quati. That's how your photos are going to look. (Quality+Plenty)

Monica: Thanks for visiting my blog and commenting:) I like shopping but don't like malls too much. Too many people! Too crowded! Have you tried online shopping?

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the photo.

Me, I had a date with Doris. Went well. She headlocked a guy and squeezed his windpipe until he passed out.

Hope you have a great weekend!!!! Enjoy the kids

mrsbear said...

Wow, that is some unnaturally blue water. Amazing. Do fish actually live in there? We'll be on a family outing tomorrow, observing wildlife in a less than while setting. Should be fun...for the kids at least. Enjoy yours!

Midwest Mommy said...

I want to be wherever that pic was taken.

NicoleB said...

That sounds busy indeed ;)Have fun with all your projects and don't stress yourself!
(Easy for me to say, no?) :)

You can post thumbnails and just add a link to the bigger version (like I did)
Reduces the loading time.
Plus, you don't have to first upload them to a different site for the slideshow.
Or you use picasa to make a slideshow, but then you need to get it somehow to your blog (I used flickr the last time)

@Mytho, can you post a link in the scavenger hunt comment section when it's up? :)

Sauron said...

Scriber, I don't get anything off! I think the train took a wrong turn, and I ended up at Alcatraz or Sing Sing instead of a business school. :(