Monday, March 16, 2009

Scavenger Hunt: 2

In my haste to publish the Scavenger Hunt photos, I forgot to thank Nicole for organizing everything. Thank you Nicole! You did an awesome job!

For some reason I thought that the deadline was US midnight. So I thought that all day Sunday to post these. But the deadline was midnight European time.

So I scrambled to get everything uploaded.

If you haven't participated in the first Scavenger Hunt, I encourage you to participate in the next one. It was a ton of fun! It is also a lot more work than I anticipated.

Uploading the files took forever. If I do this again, I will create a draft post and keep uploading my photos as I make progress instead of waiting for the last minute.

Sometimes good photos just happen. I must have shot the stamp photo 20 different ways. I just did not like any of them. And then on the morning of the deadline, I threw some random stuff together and viola! There it was.

The Sunrise was a challenge. It had been raining for a while and was very cloudy so it was hard to do. So I had to improvise. Same thing with the night skies. All I could see for days was black clouds. Would certainly not make an interesting photo.

If you haven't already visited Nicole's blog, please take a moment to do so. There are numerous people who have participated and it is so much fun to get a glimpse of their city.

I love to see how everyone has interpreted the themes. It really is a very fun experience.

And vote!


PS: The photo in this post has nothing to do with the content. I was going to make a "on the fence" connection but the post is long enough already.


NicoleB said...

Grin, thank YOU for playing along :)!
And you should "know" me well enough by now that I wouldn't kick you out for being a tad late.
Draft post is a smart idea.
Or publish a post with the date, like some did and just update it until deadline comes :)
Easy for my follow ups too. I can just click & check if all is there and maybe give a nudge or a heads up :)

Voting next time will be only a week, I think, two weeks is a bit long.

It was sure a whole lot of fun :D!
And awesome to see what everyone came up with AND to see so many people checking out the hunts at others blogs!

mythopolis said...

Looking forward to the next one, and so glad so many participated!

I really like this fence photo, Scriber. Especially in enlarging it to see how it is held together by rusty baling wire!

Scriber's Web said...

Nicole: Thanks for that but rules are rules:) I think you have a hit on your hands. You did a great job! I am still checking out other blogs. It is so much fun! Thank you!

Mytho: Thanks so much! We have a homestead in our neighborhood. It is over a hundred years old. I posted the photo in my scavenger hunt post. The carriage came from that too. WV: Lencya. Hmm...