Wednesday, March 4, 2009


In the middle of the night
he woke me up to tell me
that he was leaving.
and then he was gone.
and i remained motionless in bed for hours
contemplating my options
and not quiet ready
to face the brutal realities of life.

I was lost and desolate.
How could he do this to me?

Now that he was gone,
who would pay the bills?
who would cook the dinners?
who would fill the gas in my car?
who would deal with the plumber?
How would I survive?

I shed tears in my anguish.
My pain was unbearable.

In desperation, I called him.
Begging him to come back.
But he was brutally cold to me.
And said...
"It is a business trip.
I'll be back in a few days.
You'll be fine.
And take care of the birdie."

I was crushed.
and did not know what to do next.
So I took out my notebook
and my favorite pen
and I began
making party plans.

HOOT= Husband Out Of Town
SAP= Self-absorbed person


Nicole said...

She hopped on her broomstick
to get on over
to be there in time for the Party
camera dangling in front of her


BLOGitse said...

that's a good girl - better to plan a party than cry your eyes out of head...
ps. remember the birdie...

mythopolis said...

Ha ha...that's the spirit! Of the many wines you have featured, which one best suits this occasion?

mrsbear said...

lol. My you are spoiled. That was a wonderful little poem. Don't worry, you'll survive. Think, drive-thru.

Betty said...

OMG Woman! I was so starting to feel bad for you. I started thinking to myself "Oh no our poor friend!" lol!

Ballerina Girl said...

you are too funny!
here I was thinking some big break up was happening! silly me!

Scriber's Web said...

Nicole: I tried to use my broom this morning but it is not working. I'll have to buy a new one. Good news? Camera is intact:)

Blogitse: Ha ha. As if my Birdie would let me forget her! She is a diva!

Mytho: I was debating... Monogamy or Promisqous? Then there is always the Purple Cowboy. LOL.

MrsBear: Yeah I am kinda spoiled:) I've been cooking though and having fun:) I am making things my kiddos or hubby would never eat. So we are all happy:)

Betty: Ha ha. You should know better. If my hubby of 25 years dumps me, I won't be writing a blog post. I'd be chasing him with a stick:)

BG: You are too sweet for words:)

Ram Venkatararm said...

THanks for the poem. You got my vote in all categories!

Great photo.

Scriber's Web said...

Ram: Thanks so much for voting for you. You have an amazing blog! I always laugh till I cry when I read you blog:)

Jodi said...

You know, you had me going again!!
Great job my friend!!!

I hope that your week is going well so far!!! Have a wonderful day tomorrow :)