Thursday, March 12, 2009


The cold front is here! I know that to all of you living up north this may come across as whiny. To them I say, bite me. The high was 86 degrees here 2 days ago!

Typically, I look up the weather predictions on the internet. I hate watching the TV weathermen. They are so darn dramatic!

Rain Event!
Snow Event!
Ice Event!
Tornado Event!
Blah blah blah...

As if I don't have enough drama in my life.

So I just look it up on the internet. Yesterday, I looked at the weather and the highs were supposedly in 70s. And the lows in 40s. So like everyone who lives in Austin, I wore a full sleeve cotton shirt and pants. As opposed to skirts and t-shirts.

What I did not know is that the highs were occurring at 5 AM in the morning. And then the cold front came. I froze my butt off.

This reminds me of the time I went to Paris in January. I thought I was prepared. I had my coat and my gloves and pure wool sweaters which you can never ever wear here in Austin. And Jeans of course. Everyone in Texas knows that Jeans are the way to go when it is freezing cold.

So I trotted around in Paris with my jeans, gloves, coat, and a woolen sweater. Oh yes and a cap. Fifteen minutes of being outside, I had to duck into a store. I was way too cold. After I thawed, I went back to my hotel room and found everything that was warm and put it on.

I had no idea that cold wind can go through your Jeans and freeze your legs. One pair of cheap fleece gloves is just not enough! The cap was just a style thing.

So I donned on my thermals, my fleece pajamas, my Jeans, my 2 woolen sweaters, my monkey cap, my 2 woolen scarves, my 2 pairs of gloves and my overcoat.

I had a hard time buttoning up my overcoat but I managed. I probably looked like a bundle of joy.

But who cared? I was in Paris and I was warm and toasty.

Today I am going to wear layers. If only I could find my woolen clothes!


Vanessa Rogers said...

I am from Texas too! I went to school at UT but I am from San Antonio. I am now living in South Korea, but I keep hearing about this cold front from all my friends and family back at home. Before I left Texas, my scarves and gloves had never been worn, but now they are part of my daily outfit. It was in the high 30s last night when I went out with my friend from Canada, and I noted with horror that the tops of her feet were exposed something that I never allow when it is so cold, she looked at me and said, "I'm from Canada." I hate the cold! Hope your front doesn't last long.

BLOGitse said...

"I had no idea that cold wind can go through your Jeans and freeze your legs. One pair of cheap fleece gloves is just not enough!"

and would not feel comfortable on top of you Jeans...and difficult to put on... :-)

Sauron said...

It's so much fun to read about cold climes. The temperature here ranges between 90 and 60 these days. In summer, it'll be from 110 to 90, and in 'winter', we had a range of about 40 to 60. :P

mythopolis said...

Ooh! I can just see the bundle of joy waddling down the boulevard in Paris in her clothes upon clothes upon clothes!!! hahaha.... we have the same front before yesterday 80, today about 34 and sleet/rain mix! Whenever I go to Chicago in the winter, and even though I grew up there, I still forget how frigid the icy wind is that comes in off the lake! deed!

Stephanie said...

Am just next door to ya... one state over... Don't ya just love the warm spring weather though? Yesterday it was soooo nice. Today it's just dreary and cold.
And yes. Weather Man drama. Always.
I hate how they say "We are going to have some weather today!" ? Really? Don't we have weather everyday?

Nicole said...

The worst thing to wear when it's freezing is Jeans ;)

mythopolis said...

I first put on my flannel pj pants and tuck the legs into my socks. Then I step into the jeans...then I put on a hooded sweat suit over a two-ply long sleeve wick-away shirt. After that I clumsily climb into an insulated workman's one-piece jumpsuit! I am perfectly warm, but I walk around outside like a dying robot...or an astronaut on the moon....or maybe Frankenstein!

Word verification: "clobler", meaning, when you clobber someone with a cobbler!

Anonymous said...

"One time i was watching CNN i heard the weatherman say 'Louisiana is expecting a rain event.' swear to god, rain event!

i thought "holy shit, i hope i can get tickets to that!"

mythopolis said...

This is what happens when the old fashioned weatherman is replaced by the certified broadcast meteorologist. Rain events, and snow events, I wonder this summer if we will have sun events? Meanwhile I expect "tornadic activity" will be announced soon. Today we have had gusty wind events with rain events turning to sleet events and even ice events! Right now we are having a sunset event obscured by cloud events. I am about to have a lay down on the couch event and watch tv events until I have a sleep event. Sorry about the long blog event.