Saturday, March 7, 2009

Gotto Go

And so I am off today.

I think I made world's most ambitious list of errands. So I am going to try to tackle it. But I have to tell you about a little funny thing that happened to me first.

The other day, I was driving back from work and I heard someone honking rudely. I looked around and a guy pulled up next to my car. He rolled down his window so I had to roll down mine. It was a guy from work.

I thought he was going to something like this:

Get back to work! I have great news! I am releasing a new product and you get to write a user manual for it. By tomorrow! Yeah!

Instead he said this:

Cool car!

He made my day.

Happy weekend my bloggie friends!


Sauron said...

Happy Weekend, Scriber and all others... :)

Though, I've modified my weekend greeting lately. Instead of saying, "Have a nice weekend," I restrict myself to saying, "Have a weekend"

*looks at class schedule, sees 3 classes and 2 assignments, and faints*

Scriber's Web said...

Sauron, Which one is your main blog?

Ballerina Girl said...

good luck on your errands!
have fun in that cool car of yours!
Happy weekend!

Sauron said...

Scriber... http:\\

mythopolis said...

Come on Scriber, even if it is a cool car, the guy was hitting on you!!! : )

Betty said...

I love the color. Very nice!

Jodi said...

It is so good to be so ambitious on your days off. I wish I had that motivation. LOL!

I love the color of your car.

I hope you got everything done on your list and that you had some time for YOU!

Have a great Sunday my friend!

nicole said...

Hope you had a good one :)!
And that's one nice compliment :D

Scriber's Web said...

BG: Thanks! Love my car:) Hope you have a fabulous weekend as well. Looking forward to the shoe photos:)

Sauron: That's what I thought. I've been visiting that one. I love reading about your adventures:)

Mytho: You think so? Really? Wow. I am so flattered. I still got it:)

Betty: Thanks. I love the red volvo. I gave my previous red volvo to my son. And got a new one for myself:)

Jodi: My list was way too ambitious. I got some stuff done. Most of the fun stuff. Today, I clean the house:)

Nicole: It was fun driving around looking for photo ops for the scavenger hunt. Still missing a few:) Thanks for organizing this.

BLOGitse said...

uuups, how sexy: lady in a red car...
volvo - that's (or used to be?) made in Sweden.
When i was young, still living at home, we had several father thought they are strong and well made...